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James McFadyen

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Just to keep our customers (both present and future) that we are still here. We haven't released anything for a little while (about 6 weeks!) but just to let you know that we are still open for business and new (and exciting) music is to come!

A great deal of focus constructing our business plan for 2004, web designing, typesetting, customer care and designing our charity donation systems has been prominent this year!

We are dedicated to the customers and those who benefit from our business, web visits are still on the up! Many Thanks and and the website will be updated soon!

WE CAN CONFIRM - Prices will be slashed! our standard Brass Band sets now cost £20.00 and testpieces £45.00!!
I have been very tempted to order from you but am reluctant as I have yet to here one of your arrangements/compositions played. We have a couple of local distributors that allow us to try new music before we buy it. We can't afford to buy new music just to put it in the library!

Just a final point - have you thought about naming your pieces in the Memorial Series with a title other than the disaster they depict. Can't imagine that announcing them to an audience would inspire a happy crowd, yet if one were to announce xxxxxxxxx dedicated to/in memory of the victims of xxxxx would seem more appropriate? Just a thought.


James McFadyen

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This is something which I have toyed with, but have opted against it. It may not be what everyone else would do, but my philosophy is that I have specially written for a certain disaster and I made the choice to name the disaster in the title for greater impact.

IMHO opinion nameing a piece of music then saying 'dedicated to blah, blah, blah' negates what your trying to do, it may be more politically correct, but my messgae in my music is not political, it's my way of paying homage (or tribute) to those who have died or suffered in disasters, etc.

Afterall, if John Adams can name a complete album 'American Elegies' and have some the titles descripted with who the elegy is to, anybody can do it, politically correct or not. My music in the memorial series is for one purpose and one purpose only, to pay homage - if it doesn't make money out of sheet music sales, then I'm not really bothered. A CD is planned! (but not for some time yet) :wink:

My next installment of the Memorial Series will be out shortly!

On a different note, if you want to hear any of my compositions, please do say! I am contiuing to post 'links' to my music audio files, some of which will be Brass Band, eventually (I might link to some later today)

If you wish to discuss about which piece of music to buy for your band, then all you have to do is pm me and I'll try and fit the best music I have to match your band. I will do this for you - customer care is our top priority! :)

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