Nick Hornby's High Fidelity inspired top-five


For those of you who have read (or seen) High Fidelity you will understand the following. For those who haven't it is quite simple, they spend the book coming up with top fives of almost everything... also you're not a real man until you own at least 200 albums. I am a real man, and all of those 200+ are legal (not copied or downloaded). that's not to say that some haven't found their way into my cases.... but i won't talk about that.

Right i'm going to offer up four lists - Top Five Greatest Albums Ever (your fav five albums), Top Five Influential Albums (the five albums you feel have been most influential in changing the shape of music), Top Five Greatest Songs Ever (your fav five individual tracks - that you'll always put on the jukebox) and Top Five Albums You Probably Ain't Heard (something new for everyone else). how many are in the Q top 1001? Probably very few.

Incidently all mine are based on those I know and own, so don't include much, if anything, before the mid 80's. That's not to say there was nothing influential then, just I ain't heard it.

Oh and they have to be in order of preference.

Top Five Greatest Albums Ever

1. Massive Attack - Blue Lines
2. Unkle - Psyence Fiction
3. The Longpigs - The Sun Is Often Out
4. John B - Drum and Bass Visions
5. Air - Moon Safari

Top Five Influential Albums

1. Goldie - Timeless
2. Oasis - Definitely Maybe
3. Faithless - Reverence
4. Stereophonics - Word Gets Around
5. The Strokes - Is this it?

Top Five Greatest Songs Ever

1. Beatles - Hey Jude
2. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
3. Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz
4. Jurrassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
5. Freak Power - Turn On, Tune In and Kop Out

Top Five Albums You Probably Ain't Heard

1. John B - Drum and Bass Visions
2. 4Hero - Creating Patterns
3. Freak Power - Drive Thru Booty
4. Mo Solid Gold - Brand New Testament
5. Gemma Hayes - Night On My Side

Well, that's my offerings... took me ages to think about them and no doubt they'll change. there sooo much stuff i like out there.

What can you do?

Dave Payn

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[.. also you're not a real man until you own at least 200 albums. I am a real man,

But if a woman owns more than 200 albums does that her a real man? A real woman? A trainee man? What?

I don't have 200 albums. Am I an artifcial man? A woman? Speyed?? (Nope. I can't be speyed. When I first came here I was 'neuter' this forum, but definitely not speyed.....)



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Top 5 Albums:

1. The Stone Roses: Stone Roses
2. The Quantic Soul Orchestra: Stampede
3. Radiohead: The Bends
4: Herbie Hancock: Headhunters
5: The White Stripes: Elephant

Top 5 Most Influential Albums:

1. The Stones Roses: Stone Roses
2. Oasis: Definitely Maybe
3. Nirvana: Nevremind
4. Leftfield: Leftism
5. The Beatles: Revolver

Top 3 Jukebox songs

1. Madness: Baggy Trousers
2. Blues Brothers: Sweet Home Chicago
3. Oasis: Cigarettes and Alcohol

5 Albums you should have but probably don't

1. Mr Scruff: Trouser Jazz
2. DJ Format: Music for the mature B-Boy
3. St Germain: Boulevard
4. The Quantic Soul Orchestra: Stampede
5. Lemonjelly:


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