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Throughout many areas brass bands are lucky enough to have facilities for a band night on Sunday evenings, when other bands are invited to put on a concert and go home with the profits.

As these venues are in somewhat sort supply in the North East Midlands Area Newstead Welfare Band have taken the initiative to start one at their own Newstead Welfare.

So on a number of dates beginning on 21st March they are inviting bands to come at play in on a Sunday evening. The concerts are to be light hearted and entertaining for all. Newstead will arrange for the advertising and set up the concerts, all the bands have to do is turn up and play for a couple of hours. We have proved that the venue works in terms of attracting an audience.

A reasonable fee is being offered together with all proceeds from any raffle or fund raising initiatives you may come up with during the evening. So a good chance of making some much needed cash is on offer, together with what we hope will become a regular venue for Sunday Evening Brass.

If any bands out there are interested in taking part the dates on offer are as follows,


please contact Melanie Cooper on 07970 490773 if you are interested.

A prize will be given at the end of this first season for the most entertaining band, a further season is planned for the autumn.

Moved to Auditorium to keep it with other similar ventures! Peter, Mod


Thanks for that Rich - just seem that the facilities are going to waste on a Sunday Evening and that venues like the Square and Compass did so well. Newstead is more central and the beer is cheaper so hopefully it will be a success.


I don;t know about cheaper but certainly better.

I agree venues like the square and compass had a real following for summer concerts, a real shame they are no more.

Hope the Newstead Band Series gets rolling soon. I'll certainly come along and catch a few concerts.

Best of luck



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sounds good. I'm sure sparkly could put us up in nottingham for the night if Flixton bobbed across

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