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I am looking for a couple of timps for my band. Unfortunately, I am only 17 years old and have never played or read up on percussion. I am hoping to find two timps (26" and 29" seem to be the norm) but I don't know where to look and how to choose. At the national finals I was taking to a man from Ev-Entz and he was advising me to buy Majestic Concert Fiberglass timps 26" and 29" for £2350...not sure if this was reasonable for what they were?
Any ideas/advice?


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Hi Calcium,

I've had a quick search for you.. I've never played the Majestic's that you've been advised.. However, I do enjoy playing Majestic Timpani's.

In terms of what I would have recommended, I would have said a pair of Adams Universal Fibreglass Timpani's, also in the sizes you mentioned. The differences between the two.. well.. not a lot actually. They both have collapsible legs (makes for easier transportation), both made of fibreglass (makes them light), pedal mechanisms are very similar (and the more common one used in brass bands), both a similar price (expect to be paying a minimum of £1000 for 1 drum.. generally closer to £1500+).

There aren't many differences to speak about.. however, I'd certainly look into cost of some covers for both of them (you will need them for transporting to concerts!). I know that Mushroom do covers that fit the Adams Universals perfectly. However, do Majestic do their own? (I'm sure I've seen these....)

The other thing to consider is what sort of head you want on the drum... the Renaissance heads are nicer to play (in my opinion), but are quite expensive. The general white plastic heads are much cheaper, and get the job done.

A lot of this probably depends on what level band you have... I'm guessing 4th section (but I could be miles off the mark there).

The ev-entz guys aren't people I've dealt with before, I've always used JAM (Johns and Mushroom) Percussion who are based in Liverpool. Graham Johns is one of the main guys there who has been the Principal Percussionist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra for donkeys years. I highly recommend them. They don't sell Majestic, but I did hear that they are the main importer/retailer of Adams percussion. If I've ever had any problems, I've just given them a call and it's all been sorted very quickly. Their website is:

Don't forget to get something to hit them with too ;) for a beginner timpanist I'd say a pair of Chalklin MS23's. They're a medium pair, not too hard. Pretty good all round.

That's about all that I can think of at the moment... I'm sure someone else will give their own opinion and ideas too, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll try my best to answer them!

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