New Young Composers!!!!


I heard a new composition of my good freind Mr Meechin the other day, played by a splendid band and super euph soloist. Its absolutely fabulous composition.
He really is hot stuff at the moment. Great to see a realy nice bloke doing so well in the band scene.

I look forward to the day we get to play one of his testpieces at the Open!!!!

Splendid. :D :D


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I presume you mean the Euph. Concerto he did for Dave Thornton? I was fortunate enough to be playing in the Premiere performance of this, and have to agree it's top notch stuff... great modern writing and great to listen too.

Mark Bousie

And just to round off this rather timely commercial for Pete, I believe this recording is released this weekend on Dave Thornton's debut solo CD (accompanied by Dyke). Well worth a listen on a few counts then! (This blatant advertising's got to be worth at least a couple of pints fellas!).


Just don;t gete Pete to serve you - I remember being served by him in the Northern. Nearly died from alcohol poisoning after the "single" Jack Daniels and Coke he served me!!!!

Dave Euph

Pete's written many pieces that I'd love to sink my teeth into, only I don't think any (or much) of his music has been published yet so no luck :(

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