new yeti game thingy!!


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is that ur altogether highest??

the highest ive got a penguin is 400.86

idont know what my highest is but its something like 1400 n summat


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That was my highest score. I've yet to work out how the scoring works!.

I think my highest throw was about 390something.


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cool, i think it adds up all ur top scores from every throw and that gets you your highest score.

edit: highest score altogether for me is now 1498.63

edit #2: its now 1565.98


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1194, with a highest throw of 352.16 8)
I'm now being accused of cruelty to aquatic creatures though!


Basses are best said:
1570.09 with highest throw 402.66.

This is addictive!

I agree!!

I do have a link to another penguin game but have decided not to post it on here.

If you want a look, PM me and I'll send it you.

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