New Website for Camborne Band

Naval Nick

The Camborne Band organisation has announced the launch of their exciting website.

The new, user-friendly site benefits from a detailed news section, player information, live recordings, and event listings; complete with an extensive portfolio of band photographs and information on how you can get involved with the organisation.

Camborne Band Chairman, Nick Sanders said: "The new look site is fantastic, and gives the band a professional looking presence on the web. The detailed engagements and news sections are a great way for the band to keep their followers informed of goings on."

The website also includes detailed information about the successful Camborne Youth Band, which develops aspiring musicians of all ages and abilities by giving them access to high quality tutors and conductors, together with opportunities to perform at concerts and contests, all in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

Camborne Youth Trustee, Karen Hurr added: "The inclusion of social networking and a media centre on the new website will have great appeal to the next generation of players working their way up through the ranks of the Camborne Town Band Music Society."

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