NEW tMP Manchester Social :D


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14th November!!!
The Moon Under Water!!!!
(Wetherspoons, Deansgate.. same starting point as the last one)

With EVERYONE from the locality in attendance please.

can a mod make this a sticky or announcement or something...
im sure everyone has enough notice to scrimp and save for it!!!


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cheers mr/ms. mod :)

just whack your name in this thread if you're coming and we'll try and satisfy everybody


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No can do on this one... Spennymoor rehearsal. Plus we're on Listen to the Band, how could I miss THAT! :lol:


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Big Twigge said:
Would love to come out and play, but am in Leeds :( have a beer for me!
doesn't take long from leeds you know ;)

I think I'll try to make an appearance, will try to book it off work...
Hahahaha! im not playin at spennymoor so i'l come! u stoppin in rncm halls aidan? jst im playin at the tuba fest nxt day and there will be no point going home. do u reckon ste could sort this out? apart from that, i'l be there


hee heee yeah i'll come- wasnt sure about the last one!! I was a bit scared of being the only one there!!

Anyhows- what entertainment are you providing??!!! i hope there will be some dancing on the celling....ooouuh yeah....sorry just got Kylie in me head......



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I'll almost definitely be there this time! That's the last day of my boring management for idiots course so I'll need a drink or 12!


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I'd like to know too before i plan anything, although it's the last day of my mid- semester exams, so may go out anyway!

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