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Hi All

For a limited time I'll be trying out some new styles I've configured - the first one is called ZoneSilver. If youwish to see what looks like with this style, please do the following;

  • 1 - go to your 'Profile' page
    2 - navigate to the 'Preferences' section
    3 - On 'Board Style' select 'ZoneSilver'
    4 - Press 'Submit' and return to the main page

You should now see in a new style.

Please Note: I have not made graphical changes to this style as yet, I want to gauge peoples reactions first. If it's popular, then I'll try some more, make the necessary graphic changes and Modifications and make them available as a user choice...

This style will only be available for 24 hrs... here today, gone tomorrow !!! :)


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I tried to vote but your poll ain't working...

I think I prefer the original - silver ain't my colour!!! But gold....

It does look funky and techno though!

Rach x


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No, Rach's right for once, I can't vote either :cry:

I like it, but I like the other one better, its more welcoming and inviting -- really groovy though!

Ben ;)


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Rach / HBB ... what happens when you try to vote here ? I have no idea as to why this isn't working.... completley cafuzzled me is :?


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