Sold/Expired New Soprano Solo

New solo Ave Maria composed by Tolga Kashif and arranged by Simon Kerwin for Eb Soprano. Has been recorded by myself on our new CD released today entitled 'By Request'.

Solo is a beautiful melody which shows off the full range of the soprano cornet. Always brings the house down.

Contact or send a pm for further details.



I was lucky enough to hear a sneak preview of this solo a couple of weeks ago (as I have mentioned on another thread) and I can say its a superb solo.
There's a few Soprano players on tMP and it will make an excellent addition to any concert programme.

Did you record it all in one go Alex? It sounds like quite a test of stamina!!
Hi Mark,

Yes it is a test of stamina. We did it in two takes I think. A euph player played a wrong note and on the first take the last note wasn't clean.

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