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johnflugel said:
Ha, you thought this was the big annoucement didn't you(?). Just wanted to start the 'vicious' rumour mill going on this saught-after chair! I have no idea but thought I would throw some names into the ring:

Matt Baker - ex Dyke now Travelsphere - a return to top TOP flight banding for him

shawneuph said:
The Travelsphere Holidays Band
( formerly GUS Band )

Invites applications for the position of Principal Cornet
The successful applicant will take up the position
following the 2004 area championships.

Any link between these two, or just coincidence?


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Cant see Matt doing it, he's got the dad role to play now and I'm sure that will come first. Would be yet another reason to go hear Faireys though cos he's pure class.

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