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Hi All

A few months ago someone posted a request about the possibility of a 'New Posts' search that would exclude those posts made in the Random category. Using the previous software [phpBB2] this was not possible, however, using vBulletin it is.

So, as promised at the time, I added this to my future to-do list, and this evening I got around to making the required code amendments to put this in place.

In both the tMP3.03 and Default templates (but in different locations) there is now the facility to do a 'New Posts' search, but this time to exclude the posts made in the Random category. I attach images for each template of where you can find these new features. :D



  • Default - Search exclude random.gif
    Default - Search exclude random.gif
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  • tMP3.03 - Search exclude random.gif
    tMP3.03 - Search exclude random.gif
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