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OK, so I'v got a new phone, the user manual is pretty useless and I've had no joy with the motorola support people either so here goes

I've got a motorola V600, I know that it can use MP3's as ringtones but there is nothing in the manual to tell me how to use them. I have tried sending MP3 files from my PC to my phone and I get an error message on the phone saying that the file type is not supported!!! Anyone got any ideasor experience???




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Go back to using coke cans and a length of string.
If you have any further troubles, then ask Dave Payn. I blieve he is an expert on this 'set-up', and has indeed supplied a lot of information on this subject in another thread somewhere. :roll: :p :shock:

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you could just give me your new phone and I'll work out how it works.In return you can have mine (which is a piece of rubbish....but I can show you how to use it) sounds fair to me :D

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