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Our band is in need of new music, our current selection is becoming really dated and isnt being renewed. Can anyone think of any new pieces that should be added to our packs ( probably isnt gonna happen but at least i can see what kind of music other bands are playing :? , and what we're missing out on ! :p)


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Have a vote in band , get everyone to put suggestions in a hat..and pick some out..
the Warner bros Catalogue is very good , some of the arrangements are hard but they are playable and effective
Caravan Juan Tizol / Duke Ellington arr Steve Sykes
Parade of the Charrioteers Mikloz Rosla arr Steve not the steve sykes fan club before I go on..he is a top bloke tho :D
Fanfare and Flying theme from E.T. John Williams arr Steve Sykes
Lord of the Rings Howard Shore arr Andy Duncan
Harry Potter arr Andy Duncan
Old man river arr Mark Freeh
hope this helps...
Stephen roberts has just done two new fantastic pieces called:

American Carbival (it's the new hootenany!)
March to the brasshouse

Malaguena (Freeh) is also a really good piece!

I can't think this morning :? -I will have a look at our new music at band tonight and post tomorrow!

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Being in a similar boat, we've just ordered a whole bunch of catalogues, and surfed the net. Some cool sites even allow you to hear or download demos of the pieces.

Our band (remember, they're young'uns!) liked a lot of the stuff from Bernaerts (sp). They have toe download function, plus allow you to see parts of the score!!

So get out there and have a good browse!!!


Hi matt,

I know sooo many pieces, I just want to go and buy loads of music!!! I want to get that piece called Breakout, I think it is from Cry of the Celts?? :? And Windows of the World is brilliant, it's a bit of a lip wrecker but it's really good. :D
Well I don't know... what's wrong with Tunes and Toast?!!

I think a member of our band got it right first time when they thought the MD said "Cheese on toast".

Thanks for the links guys, gonna check them out.


Here are some pieces Ive bought recently for band...

Vitae Lux
You Raise Me Up (cornet solo)
Deep River
Soul Bossa Nova

The cornet solo is the most recent piece we've bought. I think we got it from crabtree music (1st class service too, as it arrived the next day :D ).
NAS said:
The cornet solo is the most recent piece we've bought. I think we got it from crabtree music (1st class service too, as it arrived the next day :D ).

Many thanks Neil, we always strive to give the best service we can.

All our titles are available online at or via most reputable brass band dealers.

Okiedokie of Oz

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Maybe Rog is trying to avoid deliberatly plugging himself?? Maybe he has more self respect than that??? Or maybe, he's just too busy writing NEW music????????

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