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hi, David Herrington here. Pro jazz trumpet/tuba for more than i'd like to admit. Euph player for the last 2 weeks, i bought a 1927ish Boosey compensator on E Bay. Probably too expensive but i needed it fast for a musical project here in Spain. If i didn't have one, someone else got the gig...
I love it, but now the mouthpiece search starts. It came with a 4AM copy, which is great, but i get the impression that something bigger would be interesting. I'll check out your posts!

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Hi David

Depends on whether your instrument has large or medium shank leadpipe. Personally I like the Steven Mead SM mouthpieces (I have a 3 and 3.5) but craze seems to be for the Ultras at the moment. Not tried them to be fair

As with most instruments, common advice seems to be play on the biggest mouthpiece you can without sacrificing too much range - sound is everything on a Euph especially

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