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Hi, this is my first post :shock:

Ok to cut a long story very short i want to sell two instruments, but have no idea how much they are worth.

If anyone could give me a ball-park figure, id be much obliged.

First up is a Blessing USA cornet, excellent condition, clearly a learners instrument comes with case and a Blessing 4B mouth piece.


Secondly a KING USA "tempo 620" long cornet, good condition, only notable damage is a small area where my left hand nuckle has rubbed against the metal(can supply pic), comes with case and Vincent bach 9B mouth piece.


Does anyone have any idea how much i should be asking for these?

Thanks for your time.


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I'm sorry, I have no idea what you would get for these, but have you tried looking on eBay for similar items to see what they have sold for?
I strongly suspect that your Blessing sold last Saturday on Ebay for £126 - at least I bought one with a remarkably similar picture (including the backcloth that the instrument was displayed on)

Please PM me if you havn't already sold the Blessing - and I will email you the Ebay picture............we could hold a spot the difference competition.


Typically you'll get between 75-100 on Ebay, although it can vary! They're quite common. I almost fully equipped a beginner band from ebay and never payed more than 95 for a student cornet! 3 were Blessings, and all in good condition.

Having said that, wait until September to sell, or just before Christmas, when they're in most demand. Possibly go up to 125 then.

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