New MD's for Ellington


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The band has appointed Tony Griffiths as its new resident MD and Tony Swainson, the respected tuba player will lead us at Harrogate.

I for one am looking forward to working with these condutors and hope for even more success in the near future :p

For more info check out Ellington Band

(Thats my PR done :D )

Dave Euph

Good luck Andy, and at the Nationals! If I'm there (and it's looking increasingly likely I'll make the trip) then I'll be routing for you! With Tony conducting I've every confidence in you!

Good developments for Ellington and well done to the band for such great appointments.


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Is this a non too subtle take over bid by your family andy?? :wink:

What with your bro being sop and band manager, you being on euph and your dad being MD, all you need to do now is get yourself on committee and you can rename yourselves the Ellington Colliery Griffiths Band :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway congrats on finding someone. See you at Harrogate, I'll be sure to buy you a consolation pint! :twisted:


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I would like to point out that although Tony has become the MD for Ellington, this does not mean that he has stopped conducting us at Five Rivers Brass as people have been assuming.....he's just mad enough to want to do both!


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geordiecolin said:
I'll be sure to buy you a consolation pint!

Aye Colin of course you will (!) :roll: :twisted:... same goes from me but i've got a feeling it may take more than one pint to stop your commiserations :twisted:

geordiecolin said:
Aaaaaah, so its a Griffiths world domination attempt!!

Damn straight!...Soon ve vill rule ze vorld....mwahahahahahahahahahahaha :twisted:

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