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After consulting John (TheMusicMan), a chat room has been set up for those on the forums that wish to use it. Please follow the instruction below if you wish to access it.

A new chat room for us has been opened on tiscali. This can be accessed through mirc or the main tiscali webpage. If you go to the main tiscali webpage then click on community, then on chat. Pick a user name then in the room you want to join type in #Brassed^Off. If you have Irc, then where you were typing in quakenet, type in its place then once you’re in type
/join #Brassed^Off. Tiscali will allow us to make the room invite only, that way we can stop any trouble makers getting in to bring trouble for john. Also there will be a swear filter set so that nobody will get offended by any bad language. We thought this was best, considering all the trouble that John has gone to make these forums so enjoyable.
Also if there are any trouble makers, not only will they get banned from the room, but tiscali will probably ban that user from the server as well, and their nicknames will also be passed onto John and the team.
Please do not see this as a threat nor heavy handedness in anyway at all, it’s just that we want the chat room to be as much fun as the forums are. This chatroom has not been set up as the official tmp room, but as a room where those on the forums can chat together if they so wish.
Please pm me or Nadia if you have any further questions.


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... and though this is not an official tMP Chat Room I am very grateful to Maestro and Nadia for being so considerate and talking to me about this before they set it up and launched it. They both knew the official tMP policy on a formal chatroom (i.e. no plans presently) and were very considerate in asking us about it first.

Very much appreciated guys, thanks! and good luck.

John & the Mods team


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or contact me on msn and i'll help!

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