Sold/Expired New flugel solo cd from john lee


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Personally I find listening to music to be a thing of pleasure (unless its a Korn cd or Daniel O'Donell!) and would hate to think that I would buy a CD only to feel I'd have to analyse it or compare my own playing to the soloist/musicians. Listening to others (at any level) is a fantastic learning tool and helps an individual develop their own style - where would any of us be without any past influences?
I also play traditional Irish music (not on the trombone!), and would never dream of comparing myself to any of the greats because I am me and not them, yet I couldn't imagine a life of playing that sort of music WITHOUT listening to and learning from any of the greats just because I was so content with my own playing. that the thread has gone off on a tangent its time to bring it back....
I'm also biased, but this CD is an absolute pleasure to listen to and was a fantastic experience in the making. It certainly calmed me down this morning when I was stuck in traffic for over an hour! I love Stannington (which is probably not widely known as a carol by anyone living outside of south Yorkshire), love Brown Eyes Blue, love Under My Skin, etc...etc......
...and finally...there can't be many charity cd's out there where 100% of the sale amount goes to the nominated charity. That make's it even better!

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Staff member that the thread has gone off on a tangent its time to bring it back....
Indeed. I"d like to ask everyone to keep this thread on topic, and continue potential discussions about learning from listening to other players in a new thread in the Rehearsal Room forum. Thanks!

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Remember, all money you pay goes to charity and its a nice collection of songs to listen to.

Doesn't matter what or how well you play - you can still enjoy it!


It's a cracking CD - wish wish wish I'd got off my lazy rear this summer and actually played on it... thanks ladies and John, you make a fantastic sound, am really looking forward to concert this Saturday and bringing in my order for copies of the CD for my entire band (well, that's the plan, will keep pushing it until they realise how fantastic it is!)


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I`m hoping to get this for christmas but if not shall be buying in January.
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Remember the more we sell the more money we raise for this great cause. Visit the boobs and brass website for more info. Enjoy!


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I got mine earlier in the week and stuck it on while my mum and I were doing some wallpapering (such modern women!!) and we both loved it.
She being of the spectacularly non-musical variety cracked me up by asking if it was me? :lol::pig Am still quite sore from laughing at that!

It was then further enhanced by her "singing" along with it. An awesome CD ideal for joe (or indeed josephine) public as well as brass banders.

BUY IT!!!!! :clap::clap::clap:


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Whilst I realise this cd is for a good cause - and I'm sure I'll purchase one in due course - I think it's now time to call a halt to the unending bumping of this thread.

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We've all been advertising these CDs at our own band Christmas concerts as well! They certainly are popular - the tracks seem to appeal to non-banders as well.

There is now a You Tube video clip of John Lee playing the title track at our recent joint concert with Brighouse & Rastrick - you can see it on the Home page of our website

Our website is in the process of being rebuilt, with more information about our fundraising efforts since our first concert in 2006. For those people who don't know much about us:

To date we have raised and donated over £36,000 for charity from our concerts – the main benefactor being Breast Cancer Campaign. A `significant` donation from an anonymous person helped to achieve this. This year we were asked by Breast Cancer Campaign if we would like to specify where the money should be placed and we selected a research project which is being undertaken at the University of Leicester where Dr Julian Barwell is researching the effects of radiotherapy on the hearts of breast cancer patients. We asked if we could `adopt` the whole project and are delighted to inform you that we have already made the final payment for this and are now contributing to a second project, also taking place at the University of Leicester. In this project, Dr Tulchinsky will be investigating two molecules called ZEB1 and SIP1 which they believe are essential to cells developing the ability to spread and he will study whether these molecules are involved in breast cancer metastasis and define the role they play.

In May, representatives from “Boobs & Brass” were invited to the annual reception given by Breast Cancer Campaign at the House of Lords and were delighted and honoured to receive an `Outstanding Achievement` award for their fundraising for the charity.

There aren't many families who have not been affected by Breast Cancer. Every penny from CDs sales will go towards these research projects

David Mann

Whilst I realise this cd is for a good cause - and I'm sure I'll purchase one in due course - I think it's now time to call a halt to the unending bumping of this thread.

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What's the problem? As you say, it's for a good cause, people are obviously reading the thread and to me it's more interesting than mouthpiece choice / how drunk we're going to get at Butlin's / deaf adjudicators etc!


Whatever it takes has sold another 44 thanks to john mullins in sheffield. At this rate boobs and brass will have to have some more printed. Well done to all


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I wnt on 4barsrest to vote for Whatever it talkes as CD of the year, but It wasn't reviewed, so I couldn't vote, nor could my mum who loves it. Does anydody know why