New Compositions.

I've recentley been composing new songs. I am trying to start a new revolution to make brass instruments more involved in the current expanding music industry.
While Rock, Pop, and Electronic songs are usually the most listened to in the current music industry, I believe that there is a way to make Brass instruments more well known and respected.

In my new compositions, I have taken the basic form of a Rock composition, in tenary form. Using these instruments: Drums, Guitar, Bass, Pad/Keyboard... and a Euphonium! I would love to know what people think of my compositions, I will post more on this website, if I get good feedback, never the less, I would love to release an album of songs similar to this one day. But I want to know what people think I can improve on.

To access my first composition please click on the following link:
The first composition is only a MIDI track composed on Cubase 4, and the VST Plugin I've used (Hypersonic) does not have a Euphonium in it, so it is currenetly a trumpet. Soon though I will record the compositions with my Euphonium.

Please leave feedback, I will really be interested to read what you think.
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Robbie Henderson. :)

Andrew Norman

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Hi Robbie as nobody else has taken the time to reply I thought I'd better.
I had a listen to your piece and (although I'm probably not the best judge - it's not really "my thing") thought it was good.
I love the idea of what you're trying to do and wish you every sucess - I suspect that you are much closer in age than I am to your target market and therefore you'll have a better idea of what will appeal.
I would think that the main obstacle you'll come up against is that most "pop" music (I realise that this covers a HUGE variety of genres) is vocal based - an interplay between vocalist and euphonium would be interesting to hear.
Presentation is also important (perhaps more so than musical content) the performing artist would need to have a very special "something" to make this work on stage/video.
Good luck with your project - I look forward to hearing more.


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I think your composition stands up well, even tho` I can`t say that individual brass may or may not `catch on` alongside rock. Nevertheless, as what is very often mentioned, you are not the first to think of this. I expect you know the Beatles track Penny Lane with the fine piccolo trumpet solo in the middle. (incidentally the player has recently died. Can`t remember his name - it`s in the Telegraph obits). There are lots of bands carrying `horn` sections. These can be a mixture of any brass and saxes, but may I suggest you listen to Blood, Sweat and Tears, the US band of the `70`s. They featured the Brass as much as the vocals, and they really moved the earth with their `jazz/rock` genre of popular stuff.
The (Euph) trumpet solo you used is very much more suited to trumpet than to euph, the trpt being capable more of a decisive punchy line. A euph should probably play a more lyrical, if more florid role in your writing. It won`t have the `spiky grab` you may have been thinking of for this same brass phrase.

Your composition, if I may say so is specifically an `instrumental` and not a song. The usual interpretation is that a song `must` have a lyric and a voice, unless the voice/vocal is omitted and the song would be known as an instrumental version, as yours is. 21st century rock musicians views are seemingly more inclined to called everything a song which imo is quite sad.

I liked it all with one exception. I didn`t go for the repetitive and short rising modulations near the end. If there are several in succession, it`s sometimes tricky for the human ear to grab hold of what you`re meaning. Just one key change for the last chorus of a song gives the ending a tremendous lift, which can send a multitude of tinglings up and down the spine.
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Edit to the above:
In the Telegraph obit, it relates how David Mason took 7 trumpets to the studio. The Beatles listened to every one before choosing the Picc. Then DM would `fool` around with whatever he might think could be suitable, with George Martin eventually scribbling down on mss the final piece.