Sold/Expired New Cd from Fodens' Richardson Band

De Haske are delighted to announce the release of a new CD from Foden's Richardson Band conducted by Richard Evans.

Kaleidoscope is released on the Anglo Records Label and contains the following tracks:

Liberty Fanfare - John Williams arr.Philip Sparke
Kaleidoscope - Philip Sparke
Sleepers, Wake - JS Bach arr.Philip Sparke
Helios - Jan Van der Roost
Aria - Philip Sparke
Surround Sound - Soren Hyldgaard
In my Hour of Need I Call Thee - Reger arr.Philip Sparke
Summon the Heroes - John Williams arr.Phiilip Sparke
Morning Song - Philip Sparke
Jubilus! - Jan Van der Roost
A Scottish Hymn - Charles Hutchenson

Score and parts for all these works are also available from De Haske


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De Haske Music UK said:
In my Hour of Need I Call The - Reger arr.Philip Sparke

Call the what?

Girl next door? Plumber? What was it that Max wanted so badly I wonder?

Philip - welcome to tMP!


Anglo Music Press

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I think it was the help line, or maybe just the local pizza place!

Knowing Reger it was probably the local Organ transplanter!


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