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Tough one I reckon, this time! Listed below are the names of famous brass bands from over the years, only some of them don't exist anymore and the others are anagrams of bands that had different names from what they do now! No odd ones out, no 'initial letter acronyms'. You'll have enough on your plate solving this lot.

A helping hint. Finding a list of past Nationals winners will help you solve some of them. Some bands are listed with names not very much different to what they're known as now. There may also be anagrams of the same band in more than one 'guise'!

Please answer by PM to me only. Deadline Friday 4pm. Answers may not appear immediately as I'll be in Arran and don't know exactly what time I'll be at the PC!

Lament fond nuns (4,3,7)
Inability increasing doubt (9,8,7)
Sod knows to reform (6,5,5)
Ignorance is dirt (5,10)
Historically led (2,5,8 )
I regain fine energy (6,11)
OK; filthy jerk calms blondes* (4,6,5,4,5)
Screwy fool oddly tired (7,8,5)
Sort scoundrel (5,3,5)
NHS tale: wife's anus (3,4,9)
Spills wine! Grr! (6,7)
Girl's inner glee seen (7,11)
Nicely saved Hell (7,8 )
Man-eating creep stew (8,10)

* Believe me, I have so many far, far ruder anagrams for this one!

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