New 60 minute Brass Band Podcast - By Chris Helme


Hello Everyone

My Sunday Bandstand weekly two-hour brass band radio show is still played through nine community radio stations in the UK and a further four overseas - Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

I also send it on a Mixcloud link to 200 individual listeners around the world and many more who listen via my website. I have every show on the website dating back to 2014 and there is a search facility available as well.

BUT.... I have also started to produce and present a new 60-minute brass band music podcast. This is not going on the radio and will be accessible only through my website or if anyone would like that link sending to them. The distribution list for the podcast is growing. This show will have pieces on that will not be on my weekly show because these pieces will often be too long. This new podcast will be available every 2 to 3 weeks.

As a taster here is the link to the first podcast that I released three-weeks ago

If you would like to hear more please email me:


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