Sold/Expired Never been Used Children of Sanchez Flugel Solo for sale!


Due to being hard up for cash at the moment, I am considering selling the full band and solo parts to Children of Sanchez.
I have never used the music, so it is in perfect condition, with score. I will be willing to discuss a reasonable price for it, although it did cost me £48.50 to buy, so somewhere near that price would be good. Please phone 07793672153 for more details.



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Hello v_star,

I may be interested in this, what would you say is a respectable price for these. Obviously if you are wanting near the buying price I would rather buy the set of music from a reputable retailler.

Unfortunately i am unable to contact you via cell phone, as i am not on the phone, however if you are interested in my interest, please contact me via email or message, or replying to this post.

Thanking you kindly,


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