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Hi All

As you all probably know I took over from Brian Eggleshaw last year and have organised the contest just gone on 19.2.2012 at the Post Mill Centre.

I would just like to invite all of you who attended to give us some feedback on the days events and perhaps some ideas for next year. The other thread entitled Derby Contest 2012 is a little bit muddled with questions and ideas so please help me to help you here!


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Hi Adam,i will take this chance to say again how well run i think the contest was.Thank you to all concerned:)My only concern is that in my oppinion the venue was used at full capacity last weekend.Bearing in mind there were 4 withdrawals,and several regular bands did not enter it does raise the question ,"is the venue big enough"?It has been said that in better weather there is field parking,but in Feb.we can't rely on this.Also the social area for refreshment was full ,so would not take another half dozen bands,more if you resserect top section.I stress that i have no complaints and feel the commitee had done a great job, i just think that future contests may well out grow this already full to capacity venue.


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Hi Adam,

I think the venue is more than adequate for a smallish contest but will struggle if more bands turn up. The social area isn't too bad a size but perhaps they needed an extra barperson or two (I couldn't get served after playing). It was also a little warm.

However, it's certainly better than a lot of places that I've played at. Some don't have a bar at all and often the warming up areas are too close to the auditorium or don't exist at all. I thought the day went well and I do hope that we'll make it again next year :)

Good luck with the new position



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Ive attend both this and the previous venue (Rolls Royce Derby) and played at Derby a few times too.

The contest room certainly has more plus points, a bigger size, the bands being brought through from the room by the entrance rather than standing out in the cold at Derby.

The bar and food facilities looked to be similar in size to Derby and if there was a complaint - more than 2 staff at the bar would have been better.

I've commented on the car parking on the previous thread but coaches and cars were not fully catered for at Derby ,the on street parking was needed there too.

So in an ideal world we'd all like to play in a grand concert hall, having parking next to the front door and a bar with a never ending supply of perfect beer. The way to control the numbers of bandsmen at the event is pre-draw so that people aren't hanging around before playing and invariable people move on at some point after they've played.

Wasn't this venue use 2 years ago for half the bands at the Bolsover festival? Were there complaints then?

Finally perhaps the cost of the venue also comes in to this, its always going to be a compromise with regards to that - but Sam Smith beer at £1.98 a pint you cant really complain at that can you?

Well done Adam and the rest of your young team - nice to see that some young people have stepped up to the mark as it were.

ian perks

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In all fairness ;
The hall was fine to play in far better than at Rolls Royce Derby also area for waiting to go on stage:tup.
The only gripe is the car park was not really big enough if more bands had have turned up i think there would have been a few problems;).
Hi Again, Thanks to you all for your comments and I agree with all of them. The cost of the venue for the day was exceptionally cheap to us and therefore is very appealing. However I will take all of this to our next meeting and discuss it further.

Thanks to all of you who complimented myself and the team. Please continue to post! it is extremely constructive to hear your views!


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hi there posting here as not sure where else this information would be who is at this years NEMBBA contest and what are the timings for the day


hi there posting here as not sure where else this information would be who is at this years NEMBBA contest and what are the timings for the day
There is a meeting this coming Sunday Jan 27th) to sort out times, entries etc, so I would assume that this will be notified to bands shortly after that


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Not seen any information on this event so here's what I know

North East Midlands Brass Band Association Contest The Postmill Centre, Market Street, South Normanton, Derbyshire
DE55 2EJ

4th Section - 3 bands
3rd Section - 3 bands
ICCBB, Newhall, Trentham
2nd Section - 1 band
Long Eaton Silver Prize Band
1st Section - 2 bands
Leicsester Coop Band


Any update about how things are going? I would have thought that the results will be out for 4th and 3rd sections by now.


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Who is the best contact for NEMBBA these days? Adam's email address is no longer working