National Youth Brass Band Championships of Great Britain


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Well, once again on behalf of West Lothian congrats to everyone in the premier section! Glad to see theres no bitterness.......and my last contest went pretty damn well !!!!!!!!

See you next year......... :D :D
I'm not trying to accuse West Loatian of anything now, but, doesn't the guy who was representing the sponsor (besson) have a daughter in ur band?!?


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and the problem of that would be? all of u should be proud of ur placings and not be tryin to think of ways in which the other bands who came higher than u could have twisted it!!! second isnt that bad u know :?


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IcklePablo said:
I'm not trying to accuse West Loatian of anything now, but, doesn't the guy who was representing the sponsor (besson) have a daughter in ur band?!? Fishy :?
youth banding :roll: :D


I'm not trying to accuse West Loatian of anything now, but, doesn't the guy who was representing the sponsor (besson) have a daughter in ur band?!? Fishy

Take your placing like a man, you were beaten by a decent band with a lot of excellent soloists. Don't spoil the goodwill that's in the youth movement by suggesting that there's a fix involved, that's just childish!!


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Both adjudicators are excellent musicians and were more than qualified to decide yesterday's results. Anyone accusing the competition's organisers of foul play are being both childish and immature. The 'guy representing the sponsor', Alan Edmund, is a decent and honest man. Moreover, if you consider what the repercussions of any 'fishy' business would be, I think you must realise the extent to which fixing the competition is a rather fantastical notion. Second is a good result; think of all the other bands which would have loved to come there. We worked hard and deserved our placing. Forget about it and move on.

On a lighter note, well done and congratulations to all the bands playing yesterday. Also, thank you to all at West Lothian for a fantastic day and performance, particularly my horn section who rescued me when i had a blackout!!! Huge congratulations to Cazza, about time you were recognised for your brilliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Amen lauren. To the bloke who says it was a fix. Get over it. Thought all this mince before the contest was bad but having to step that low is beyond a joke. Well done to everyone participating and on you're placings. Brass bands is about making music and enjoying being part of an ensemble not all this heeehaw surrounding it.

Anyway well done to Cazza Razza for the soloist prize and either see you at NYBBS in a fortnight, at Carnegie or the European in "Glesgae"!

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Well done to all at West Lothian, we all played excellent! :D :D
Well done to all the bands playing yesterday!
It was a great day, even though we were caught in traffic and arrvied JUST in time to play!!
Good gig good gig :lol:
Well done Caroline for getting best instrumentalist! You're a star!


Congrats to everyone who took part in the Schools section and in particular Wardle for first place and Egglescliffe for 2nd and can I also thank everyone who had tipped us (Abraham Darby) to win on this forum over last few days. Can I also thank an Egglescliffe lady whose son I think was on percussion for the kinds words and praise given to our band after we had played. Hopefully see you all on the South Bank in July(subject to qualification) and meet up again.


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only heard a couple of bands in the community section after all, mainly due to beer and boccage. But the ones I did hear all played very well. So congrats to those and all the other bands in all the sections, but no congrats to the silly bat who sold me a ticket... 6 quid for one section.. absolute joke!!! i asked if there was a student discount and got the reply "well how old is the student in question" ... bloody hell woman!!!!


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Hey Ben,
How you doing? Recovered fom yesterday? I hope you were being good, couldn't see what you were up to at the back of that bus!!!!!!

Andy Moore

Well done to West Lothian and Caro for winning best soloist, however you can't all truthfully say if you'd have been placed second you wouldn't have complained about the adjudication.

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