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I was a little unsure which heading to put this post under, as the concert concerned was last night at the end of their visit to the UK. I have just attended what I would rate as one of the best brass band concerts I have ever been to. The selection of music and the presentation were first class, and it was an object lesson on how to introduce new and challenging works into a band programme. Intonation was top notch, right from the Gordon Jacobs fanfare to the national anthem, which can quickly sort out any waverers.

The band's tone may have been a little more strident than we are used to, particularly at the top end, but although loud at times they did not overblow. The two soloists, trombonist David Bremner and our own David Childs, were both on top form, and the enthusiasm of all involved was most uplifting. The accoustic at Regent Hall can be a little unforgiving at times, particularly when there are a lot of empty seats, and you did sometimes miss the warmth of sound from the middle of the band, that was a little dominated by the four euphoniums, while the flugels, tucked away at the end of the second row, had little chance to be heard until the eloquent solo in Windows of the World.

All in all, an excellent evening's music-making, but WHERE WERE THE AUDIENCE :?:

As in the recent posts about our own National Youth Brass Band, the attendance was very disappointing, as I doubt there were as many as 150 present, including the band's own supporters. I gather that other events around the country were much better attended, and I hope some of you had the chance to hear this fine band.


Sounds like a fantastic concert and a fantastic band. As a member of NYBBGB I agree the turn out to these things is always so dissapointing. With the exeption of the 50th anniversary concert in 2002 I dont think I've seen any of the venue's we've played in much more than half full.
Bands like the National Youth Brass Bands of New Zealand and of Great Britain are ensembles of such high calibre yet get so little recognition compared to the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain which, according an ex-member I know, regularly performs to a full audience in venues such as the Barbican, whilst being recorded on live national radio.


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well.. to be fair.. nybb DO get on radio everytime they have a course. and nybbnz have their own lttb session coming up. But what I think is out of order.. is that NYO members pay the same fees (aprox) as NYBB members, but nybb courses last a week, and nyo courses last 2 and sometimes more than 2 weeks. This I think is totally unfair, as the 2 ensembles are meant to be run in parallel
national Youth BB of NZ

WE were privileged to host 2 members of the NYBBNZ, on their Welsh leg of their recent Tour (although looking at their itinery, it was more of an endurance test)

They were a superb group of very talented musicians.
The 2 concerts we attended, one with the Risca Male voice Choir at Risca and the other with the Greater Gwent youth Brass Band at Cwmbran, were both full.Their conductor being a welshman, known personally to many in the audience at Cwmbran no doubt lifted the band to an even higher plane. When the joint Bands played "Men of Harlech" even the completely uninitiated applauded with admiration and appreciation.


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they normally get slots on daytime radio 2 i think...
i get the inside info cos my dad normally records them! :D


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Nadia said:
well.. to be fair.. nybb DO get on radio everytime they have a course. and nybbnz have their own lttb session coming up.

Unfortunately, the NYBBNZ broadcast was on friday night, whilst I was listening to them in concert!

Radio 3 have broadcast a few performances by the NYBB and the NYBBW in their Morning Performance slots, often together with concert band or choral groups. Unfortunately, these broadcasts are not always very well publicised, quite apart from them being put out mid-morning, when the audience is likely to be fairly small.

i did a joint concert with the new zealand youth band they have a good sound. david childs played carnival of venice which greater gwent accomp him. the deep inside the sacred temple with david childs and garath ritter.

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