National IQ Test 2004

Naomi McFadyen

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Whether done on the internet or by pen and paper...
Let's share our IQs for this year!

If you want to take part online you still can at:

I did it by pen and paper watching the programme this time round... So results are in a bit...

Very hard this year...
I got 85 in the last IQ test... Let's see if I can better it this time.... :?

Good luck y'all! :D


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got 125 last year, but only 102 this year. thought this years was a little biased towards those with a larger monitor resolution or tv!


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i have to say last year i think i got 90 something and considering i dont actually fit into any of the age bands yet is quite cool! ok this year i entered the 16-19 band thingy even tho im only 14 and i got 119 (but i fink itll be more coz im not 16 yet!!!) :lol:


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drummergurl said:
wow i seem to be beating every1 on tmp atm! and im only 14 and probs have a higher IQ than wot i was given!

sorry to burst your bubble, but if you got (e.g 52) and u are older your I.Q is a lot higher than those who are (e.g 17)


kelly x


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Having done the reall thing on telly last year (was it really that long ago)
thoughtg this was a bit of an anticlimax. much better to be there


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Estimated 104, got 109. Couldn't do those coloured blocks quick enough, my brain hurts! :oops: :cry: :wink:
Well i just took it and got 124, apparently when i was little i got 142 in an IQ test properly taken by some person - so my mum says. So i reckon the BBC messed up and my numbers are the wrong way round


Thanks Neil, I dont know how i managed it. Did it online in about 19 minutes as well. I'm impressed with my little self. I think ikt was the memory section that did it. All this revision i'm doing at the moment.

Jo x

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