National Finals - Harrogate this weekend


The first section to play on Saturday and Sunday normally start at 9am and the following section commences at the conclusion. They normally give approx times in the programme but since the almighty mess up at Torquay they do not stipulate exact starting times for the section playing second.


As far as I know, 2nd Section start at 9am Saturday 26th, followed by 4th Section at 2pm (Draw at 1.30pm), and the 3rd and 1st Section both play on Sunday 27th, but not sure in what time or order... :D


both days start at 9:30am, 2nd then 4th Section on Sat. 3rd then 1st section on Sunday, from past experience over the last 3 years spend listing to almost every band the afternoon sections normally start between 2:45 and 3:30.

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