National Childrens Brass Band

Mark Bousie

Congratulations to all members of the very first National Childrens Brass Band of Great Britain and Musical Director Lynda Nicholson on a wonderful inaugural course and first class concert (Saturday 31st July) at Bromsgrove School. The playing and committment from the band (age range 8-15) ,in some very challenging repertoire, was so mature and I'm sure delighted the near capacity audience.

I'm sure that the band will go from strength to strength now. As Elgar Howarth said in his address to the audience 'if this is the future of brass bands in this country we are in safe hands'.


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i have to say the course and concert were absolutely stunning!

i like my megal (in true mutley style, megalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegalmegal)

I only wish i was young enuf to stay for next year, but me being 15 im not (and i werent the oldest :) )

from the first rehearsal i was stunned by the standard of the band, i honestly couldnt believe it was a childrens band!

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