Napoli- Solo with Band Parts


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Didn't know which forum to put this in, but anyway.

I'm looking to buy Napoli- the cornet/ euph solo with brass band parts.
Does anyone know where to get it online/ who supplies it/ how much it costs?
I'm looking for the cheapest deal really! :oops: :roll:
Please help!


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I've done the Brand and the Owenson and would stronly recommend you not to go for the cheapest option! Fred Muscroft's arrangement is probably very sound - all his work that I've seen has been very good.



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A) why not the Brand arrangement? (just so I know)
B) which one should I buy then- the Muscroft or Owenson?
Votes please! :roll: :wink:


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Slightly off topic here, but has anyone attempted the Wynton Marsalis version. Personal preference would be the Brand version though


Dave thornton has arranged an abosolutely fantastic version... extremely virtuosic though it souded like it must be hard but he made it sound so so easy! If your looking for a version to perform I would go for the advice of other people here as this is the only version I have heard apart from just the melody.

However if you are looking for one to spend a while on even if you aren't going to perform it I would stongly recomend you try and get in touch with Dave. Your best bet for that would probably be via his site


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The Wynton Marsalis version is brilliant but I don't know if there is a brass band accompaniment, I've only heard the wind band version and the book I've got it from only has piano


Freds arrangement is a fine arrangement and is pretty faithful to the military band copies. PM me and i can put you in touch. Freds arrangments are generally all very good - i would recommend them to everyone.


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I have emailed David Thornton about his arrangement of Napoli, so I will await his reply, if people don't mind, before looking towards the other arrangements.
Thank you all for your help, and I will get in contact with you Valvecap, if I cannot get hold of David's arrangement.
Thanks again,


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Got a reply from David Thornton this morning (who I'd like to thank for replying so soon!)
For those that are interested (not sure if I should be copying this, but thought some would like to know about the hidden track on his new CD)

David Thornton said:
"Hello Alex,

The version that I've done is set as a hidden track on the CD - go to track one and then rewind 4 minutes (some cd players have a problem with this but most modern cd players pick it up). Its unaccompanied though with multiphonics and octave changes, etc. So it's not really what you're looking for. Anyway i've never written it down so i couldn't send it to you if it was what you needed!

Have a look for the Andrew Owensen arrangement (published by Kirklees I think). Its more lightly scored than the Geoffrey Brand version so suits the euphonium - Roger Webster uses this arrangement on Essential Dyke III.

Hope this helps and that you receive your CD soon!

Cheers, Dave Thornton"

So i'm now going to order the Owensen arrangment from Just Music,
Cheers for your help guys, (and also to David)

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