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ju33les said:
Flixton Band are now on myspace! It is in it's infacy at the moment but I will be adding more stuff as the days go by.

I must thank Sparkly for agreeing to let me do this, as she is our official site webmaster :clap: :clap: :clap: (thanks Rach :) )

wow!!! u should get yerselves on bebo as well hehe :biggrin:


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I don't understand the mysapce thingie. What is it? How does it work. I've got bebo though- it's great fun!

BBb Girl

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I am also new to myspace... so much so that my home page is embarrasingly simple. Would anyone be able to give me some pointers as I just don't have a clue!!


BBb Girl

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I just had a quick look, it looks great. Very impressed.

Were you in Belfast (European)? If so, I think we perhaps met at the airport on the way away - I am Duncan's girlfriend.

(also) D

Straightmute said:
Mine is still at a formative stage. I've tried various pimping programmes but not generated anything I like yet, so it's all very basic.

Believe it or not: