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A while ago my good friend Norman Every asked me to arrange an old Sunday School hymn for a new CD which the Methodist Youth Band were about to record.

A copy of the finished product landed on my desk this afternoon; it comprises 15 Sunday School hymns, all of which have been arranged especially for this recording. Some are well known, others less so, but I'm sure there will be at least one that everyone will remember from their earliest days at school. The package as a whole is very well produced - with all the words and some lovely old photographs - and whilst there are odd moments where intonation isn't quite perfect, the band has a very authentic sound.

Here's the important bit: all proceeds from the sale of CDs will go to the NCH - the National Childrens' Charity which raises money to help children and young people facing difficulties or challenges in their lives, including poverty, disability and abuse. The band hopes to raise over £6000 for the charity through the sale of CDs, which are available from for just £9.00.

Even if a CD of hymns is not for you (and check out my entry in the 'Are you Religious' thread!), I'm sure that everyone has a granny, mother or neighbour who would love a copy of this recording.


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