My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

James McFadyen

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As from Monday 2nd June, my arrangement of My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose, will be available for sale from my Publishing Company.

It's a nice arrangement and differs from the other arrangement that's out there of this tune, But I guarantee you'll like it and will be a welcome addition to your bands pad!!!!

You can have this nifty arrangement for 30.00 Pounds.

email me at to find out how to buy this must-have chart!


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OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ARRANGEMENT!!!!!! Sorry for anyone who likes My love is like a Red Red Rose, but I have to say it's yet another piece that is firmly on my list of pieces to be burned at the earliest opportunity.

Sorry James!!!!

Puss puss puss


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Its ok,

Its one to put away but this arrangment might be different and better hmmmm i wonder...


Sorry Puss but i have to disagree with you on this one, (hey but i do on many occasions) and think that this is actually a very nice piece so wouldn't mind being subjected to playing another arrangement.

Hope it sells well James!


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wouldn't mind being subjected to playing another arrangement.

Subjected is the operative word there I think. (Not referring to your piece James) It's a dreary piece that starts off dreary and gets progressively drearier until the end where it's just dreary. If ever there was a piece of music that could be prescribed as a cure for insomnia, this is it

As I said, not referring to your arrangement James, just the piece in general



THat piece has a big place in my partners life. His father played it to his mother when they first got together, and when he died in December the song became more special to his wife and to us.
I don't know when she'll next be down to listen to the band but maybe in a year or so she might like to hear it.

I guess that it's like any piece or song - not everyone will like it, but if it's popular and sounds good then I think that it should be part of the band catalogue...


The only version of "Like a red red rose" I can claim to enjoy, is the trombone solo by Adrian Drover. Has a touch of eerieness about it, plus it's been written for the INSTRUMENT OF THE GODS. 'Nuff said.

Mark B


I just think its a piece that most Bands have played to death.
It might be a new arrangement but its still the same old tune!
Good Luck with it anyway.

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