My latest CD Buy was a good one!

James McFadyen

New Member
Today, I thought I would go out and buy 'The Queen Symphony', a six movement symphony based on the music of Queen, composed by Tolga Kashif and recorded by the Royal Phil.

So.............I nipped down to WHSmiths this morning and bought a copy for a not so bad £13.00, for which I don't mind paying coz these guys deserve the money!

It's a stunning CD and has replaced my favorite 'The Blue Planet' by George Fenton, which I bought earlier this year.

If you like the music of Queen but don't want to listen to those nasty arrangments that sound clinical and unexpressionate (I know it's not a real word) I suggest you buy it!!! It is awesome and the Orchestrations and choral writing is spot-on from the first note to the last!

It's presented very professionally as well, which makes it stand out even more!

If Mr Kashif releases anything similar again, I'll buy it!

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