My apology

James McFadyen

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Over the past few days I have received quite knock from one of my posts. I accept that it was my own doing and has taught me another lesson in the politics of the world, yet again!

It is all too easy to make comments without knowing the whole truth and I accept that. I feel very pasionate about what I do and sometimes it makes me a little judgmental, something of a bad habit of mine!

On a happier note:
International sales of my music are still really high but alas British sales very low, to help to fix this I will be posting free downloadable music (it won't be Brass Band sets I'm afraid) on my Website very shortly.

Thanks for now.


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Not wanting to sound harsh, and I am quite sure that James means well with this post, but surely an apology needs the word "sorry" in it somewhere??!! Just a personal observation.....


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James McFadyen said:
I accept that it was my own doing

I think that and the title "My apology" covers it really.. no need for rubbing salt...
maybe to do it with an advert attached on the end wasn't so sensitive though ;) hehe


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James - I don't know what you said to offend, but I have had a similar experience recently when I expected everyone to have the same droll sense of humour as myself - I was wrong, and apparently offended some sensitivities.
The thing is, we should all learn from lifes experiences - I'm going to try - Honest !
Ian W. (Master of Tact and Diplomacy)


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Well, this kind of thing occurs due to the fact that when you type something, you cannot assume it will be read in the same way you expect it too... funnily enough sarcasm doesnt come across too well in type! Use of smilys helps :hammer


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I mean :- Funnily enough, it's not funny !!!! - (Printed "Wit" that can be misconstrued as offensive sarcasm)
I seem to have dug myself into a hole here, so I'm stopping digging !!!
- Ian W.


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Me too !! - Perhaps it's an EEb Bass "Thing" - we're always Kna****ed
Oops ! - Sorry (Sticking to thread) that just slipped out - Hope I haven't offended anybody !!

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