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As part of my final year Music degree at Salford University i am doing a placement at the Musicians Union offices in Manchester.

I am coming to the end of my placement now and am in the process of writing a 5000 word report on the Union.

As part of my report i would like to include a section on members experiences of the union.

I would like to include some case studies of people who have benefited from membership in a number of ways such as from the legal advive/cover that is offered to members, insurance claims, or maybe just more general experiences...

You don't have to include your identity/name/membership id or anything to me or the report but it would be a great help if you would be prepeared to share your experiences with me

Please email me if you wish to contribute to my report in any way, or private message me on here.

Thanks alot

Rachael Johnson


Even if you are just a member/ex member and don't have a specific 'case study' to give me, please contact me anyway. Any imput at all would be great help :)



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I remember being at a union meeting once where someone had applied to join who had put down their instrument as "scratcher". After the secreatry had read out the application an old sax player (who I will call "Bob", not his real name) asked "what in God's name is scratching?".

Secretary: "Its wiggling records around under needles to make scratching sounds".
Sax player: "Is this what its come to? Over my dead body, we are no having those sort of people in this branch. It will be rappers next".
Secretary: Look Bob its come down from union headquarters, we have to accept these people, its considered an instrument now.

At which point Bob started having heart palpitations and everyone tries to get him to calm down. He is lying across the seats and the secretary takes the vote and the scratcher gets let in.

Bob did survive, but I think that was the moment the music died....