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Following the post about how you started playing I wondered how many of you had musical families. A lot of people seem to have started either to escape school or because family and friends already played an instrument, I am one of the former and have not one musical person in my immediate or distant family. One of them can sing in tune but thats it and them reading music is a definate no no despite several attempts. Anyone else a black sheep? (Is that PC?)


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My dad was a singer in the chorus at Covent Garden (sadly he's no longer with us)
My mum was an usherette at Covent Garden. That's where they met (Ahh)
1st brother played the french horn (and once dated another french horn player)
2nd brother played the tuba (and once dated a flute player and then a clarinet player)
3rd brother played the trombone
4th brother is Principal Timpanist at the English National Opera (and once dated a singer)
Then there's me - a percussionist (I'm married to a cornet player)
And then my sister who just supports us all (bless her)

My step-dad plays the tuba, my father-in-law plays the tenor horn.

We all play the piano.

God it was noisy when we all got together.

James McFadyen

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My sister used to play Trumpet and played in Buckhaven Band, playing Cornet.

My dad, well....................No. His version of good taste is dance remixes of 70's tunes :wink:

Naomi McFadyen

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My dad plays piano, keyboard, organ.
Mum plays guitar.
Brother plays piano, keyboard, organ, guitar and violin...
Me... piano/keyboard; folk, classical, bass and electric guitars; cornet, tenor horn, Eb bass, a bit of trom, euph, bari; clarinet, saxophone, flute; all percussion, kit...

...the dog sings a long to Antiques Roadshow (trumpet bit at the end) and the intro thing to Corrie when it used to be the clarinet tooting. She finds my instruments rather fascinating
nope, not musical although when i started my mum attempted the baritone................ disaster really and i'm not being nasty..................

Jo Elson

My parents have never had any music ability what so ever. My older brother started the piano then i did, then he did the violin, and i did, but i gave that up. I was the first to play brass, I dunno why and then my brother managed about 6months on Bb bass when we were in school. There are so many instruments in our house, recorders, violin, piano, flugel, tenor horn, clarinet. Between my brother, sister and myself I think we could form a band!


Well being from a Sally Army background I do quite well on the music front.

Both my Grandads are retired SA bandmasters in the Surrey area, with one still playing Euphonium/Bass in the local SA band.

Both my uncles and my dad play Euphonium (on and off) with my dad also playing cornet and guitar. My cousin plays cornet in the Boys Brigade. The other cousins are all pretty much musical in one or other.

Both my brothers have taken up the trumpet, with one playing at his church when he can and the other with a small hobby ensemble in San Francisco.

My second cousin was 3rd Cornet with the ISB (now an officer) and now composes for Brass Band (Martin Cordner).

Dunno what went wrong with me really but I try and play Euph to my best :)

Mic Tyler
Principle Euphonium
Drighlington Band

Big Twigge

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Mum is more tone deaf than anyone else I know and Dad is equally unmusical.
However between us three girlies (including band instruments) we seem to have twice as many instruments as people to play them with 3 cornets, a trumpet, piano, a saxophone, 2 flugels and I'm sure i've got an ocarina somewhere! Jo, we could combine and nearly have a full sized band :?

The cousins are quite musical too with a euph player and a drummer


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Coming from an SA background . . .

Got some musical ability on both sides, although mostly through my father's family.

My paternal grandfather was a vocal soloist, and also played brass instruments.

Two of my great-uncles were long-time members of the New York Staff Band.

My father was a member of the US Air Force Band for 23 years, both as a player (euphonium) and part of the Manuscript Music Section. He was also principal euph and deputy bandmaster of the National Capital Band for 37 years, and is a published (SA) brass composer.

My mother played trombone in the National Capital Band for about ten years.

My sister played tenor horn and piano when she was younger, although she doesn't do much music anymore.

Both of my daughters seem to have some musical ability. The older, who is 15, recently switched from cornet to tenor horn and is on solo horn in our divisional youth band. The younger, who is 12, is playing cornet and trumpet. They've had the benefit of being able to get lessons from their grandfather.

(edited because my spelling is atrocious!)


Apart from my Dad (well he can whistle but I don't think that counts :lol: ), all of my immediate family are musical.

Mum used to sing in a choir (with whom she won a few contests)
1st Brother plays Cornet and married a Baritone player (I think that's what she played! :? )

2nd Brother plays Cornet and married a fellow cornet player. (1 of his wife's brother's plays Bass and another brother used to play Cornet) (His wife's Brother who plays Bass is married to a Cornet player, who's Mum also plays Cornet and late Dad played Bari.) Comprende? :?

1st Sister Played Horn and married a Bass player (although now he's a Bari player) They have 2 sons, both cornet players.

2nd Sister played Horn then Flugel and didn't marry a brass player and who's now divorced! :roll:

Me have played Horn and Flugel and now play Cornet and living with Girlfriend who is a Euph player who has also played Bari and Trom. (Her sister is a Cornet player too.)


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In my experience, although there will be exceptions to prove the rule, the 'musician' comes from a background where 'music' plays a significant part of family life. My Father and Mother met entertaining the troops in the early 1940's, (him as MC and harmonica player extrordinaire, and she as guest singer). My brother is a music lecturer, my sister sings, and I am me!
My partner, (soon to be made official!), spent many happy times as a child 'down on the farm' - her Grandfather's farm - and what did he do in his spare time? - play cornet in Market Rason Band.
Having said that, the opposite can be true. I know of 'kids' whose parents are professional musicians, and they won't GO NEAR anything that isn't 'indie' or 'rap'.


My whole family play. We all played together in the Albert Hall, which was a brilliant experience. It was great having my mum, dad and sister in the band, because it was the only place where we used to see each other. Some people think that their families get in the way when they all play in the same band, but we don't really suffer from that. We argue like the Osbourne family though!! :roll: It's good entertainment for the band though- Recon we could release our own TV show!!


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My sister can pick up any instrument and get a decent tune out of it in a matter of seconds. I actually forced my parents into singing in a choir (which they now really enjoy)!


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Don't know where to start with this parents both play piano/organ pretty well, I started the banding off when I started at 6, then my dad took it up and so did my brother. Now I play, my wife is solo euph in the same band and conducts the training band, my brother conducts two other local bands and my dad had to give up due to work (although he keeps saying he'll start again now he's retired!).
Thinking about it, our band is mainly made up of families, 8 different ones, although there have been more!

Okiedokie of Oz

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Mum was from a well-to-do family from Tamworth, and as such, got a rigid musical training, along with her siblings. My sister took up saxophone and played until year 12. My little cousin now has said saxophone and has completed book one within 12 months! I am so glad she's having fun!

The real surprise in my family, however, is from my dad's side. Not so rich, dad's bros and sisters all left home after completing their compusory education. However, he can remember hsi father, prior to his death, disappearing into the attic for hours on end. Noone ever knew why.

Upon my grandmother's death 30 years later, two of dad's brothers found his secret. Hidden away, with less dust on it than surrounding objects, was a beautiful violin. My father, who's idea of good music is turning the stereo up real loud and singing badly, actually descended from a long line of classical violinists. Dad's family was just too poor to get lessons it seems.


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manx_yessir said:
Apart from my Dad (well he can whistle but I don't think that counts :lol: ), all of my immediate family are musical.

I think 'whistling' does count. there is an advert on telly at the moment using a 'hit' from the late sixties, "I was Keiser Bill's Batman" by "Whistling Jack Smith"


My dad was a drummer in a dance band and had also been a bugler at the end of WW1(!) (which maybe explains a lot...)

Mum could sing, but didn't play anything.

My step-brother is tone-deaf - so they put him in charge of the regimental band :eek:



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Yep come from a traditional brass band family... and an area steeped in brass band history and proud of it :!:

My Dad's a euph player and Royal Marine trained tuba player and my brother is a cornet player.

Most male members of my family played and there had been a Griffiths in Newbiggin band for 100 years... not the same player mind :lol:

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