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last night at band we played a piece called the King With The Terrible Temper, by Edrich Siebert.

It tells the tale of a King......wont go into in to much detail cose ittle spoil the concert for you tonight!!! [plug]Stanier Hall, Wem Shropshire 7pm kick off :lol: [/plug] :D
anyway im sure ive heard a similar piece before on one of my many cd's but cant remember what its called or who is playing/narrating it.

Can anybody help with the name to the piece i mean?? Does anybody know what im talking about??

if you have the answer to either of the above questions please reply below
Sorry I can't help with either question, super_sop.

However, while using Google to find out a bit more about the piece you are playing, I found this intriguing Christmas title at

Christel Music Ltd

(E. Siebert)
words & Music
(as recorded by Larry Grayson)

:shock: :shock:

Anyone out there got this on their Christmas playlist?!



hahaha, that one sounds like an interesting story line!!

the King with a Terrible Temper (que big nasty clash chord) is a really good idea, story needs to be jazzed up a bit though i think.

maybe a concept one of our budding composer/arrangers could develop
No worries Elin - have completed a new story line already! The King With The Terrible Temper was a great concept and easy to get up (good job eh?) but the moral wasn't in the slightest bit comical - which one would expect it to be. I have a new story involving a bird, a lion and an ass (donkey). Will hand it over to some clever musical person to write the music bits.

BTW - If any of you have children and they own those sound books - these pieces work along a similar idea. As you read the story, and press a button where indicated, the band just takes over the role of the buttons.


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The King with the terrible temper was a great piece and a great idea, but the moral of the story was wrong!!!! At the end when the prince asked the King the question, the king should have just said NO!!!!! Would have been much funnier!!



having sight read it at the concert i was concentrating on where to come in with the bandy bits, but.......

It was definately about a handsome prince who was dressed as a poor peasant wanting a princess and there were three to choose from (fat one, thin one and one that was just wooohhooooo!) But the king with the terrible temper wouldn't let him have them and it involved him trying three times to get each of the women.... (bit desperate if u ask me!) I think he got the one that was woooooohhooooooo in the end, and then you got some cheesy moral ... us out here!


Was Craig the handsome Prince? - Does this explain why his flies were down - and was Roger the King with the temper? (only joking Rog!!)
fat one, thin one and one that was just wooohhooooo!)
For 'wooohhooooo' do you mean 'Hello' said in a Terry Thomas voice?


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and no, i wasnt the prince, and my flies were down cose i was brave enuf to get myself dressed on saturday :lol:

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