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At contest, and at the conductor's workshop held in Brisbane on the weekend, music selection was discussed. Two different viewpoints have now been raised, which puts me at odds when I go now to my library to find new music? Viewpoint one leans towards playing more modern music to attract audiences andnew membership, whereas viewpoint two is to mix modern with traditional.

Should I be doing more modern arangements? Should I be playing traditional band stuff? Should I be playing Brass band originals? Should I be onlyplaying hymns and marches? Should I be playing full length concert pieces?

What do any of you have in your band's folder at any given time?

To help, here's what we have at the moment:
* The Happy Wanderer
* Sealed With A Kiss
* Barbara Ann (Small ensemble piece for when we have playouts)
* Summertime (as above)
* Softly As I Leave You
* Hymn to the Fallen
* Hymn Tunes for Special Occassions
* Bridge Over Troubled Waters (the swung version)
* Conquest of Paridise
* I Will Follow Him (not the trom trio)
* plus experimenting with different marches.

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