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Naomi McFadyen

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Hey Gang,
I was just wondering whether anyone here is interested in this subject or have studied it? If so, post here!

My dad pointed me in the direction of Radio 4... Told me to listen to this interview ...(scroll down til you get to 'Passions' and click on listen. You need RealOne Player to hear it) ...that had been on recently with a guy called Prof. John Sloboda...
It's really interesting what this guy has to say and stuff.

Along with this, my dad found the site that does the Masters degree in Music Psychology at Keele Uni, which I'm now considering doing after my BA...

I would be interested if anyone has studied (or is studying) this subject... Also any thoughts on what you think to what John Sloboda had to say etc etc etc...

Thanks in advance! :)



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Keele University smells of countryside, and I dont mean flowers and trees. Be warned!!!! Although I have never studied it an old friend did and they loved it, i should get in touch with them actually now this has reminded me :roll: . If i do i will let you know more.

Naomi McFadyen

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Cheers Steve
:lol: I'm used to countryside with living in the southwest for 15 years or so.... lovely stuff! ;-)

Hope to hear more from you soon.
Thanks again


Speak to Claire Hogan-Taylor at Salford

There is a lot of reference to Sloboda and his work in the Music Psychology parts of the performance MA



I happen to be studying ethnomusicology at Sheffield University, music psychology and study is part of the course, as well as musical anthropology, musicology and other social sciences. I have read a few articles by Sloboda, but also by a guy called Levi-Strauss, and no its not the Jeans manufacturer, who started to think psychologically about music in the early years of the 20th century.

Being totally biased, Sheffield has a great music psychology team, Professor Eric Clarke, and there are other lecturers who are high up in the Psycology Societies. It is a really interesting subject, thats why I'm using psychology on the study of brass players and the band movement. They have a website which will have all the details, I am nearly 100% syre that they run an MA and PhD course in music psychology there. I know a few that are doing the course this year.

Hope I have helped in one way or another! :)

Naomi McFadyen

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Cheers Richard :)
Everything helps... I'll look into Sheffield...
Keeping my options open... still have another year of the BA, but I guess we have to start applying early next year, so need plenty of time to think what I'd like to do next... it's either Music Psychology, or conducting or composition Masters... at the moment... mmmmm

Thanks again

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