Music Licensing


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:shock: :shock: :shock:

Time to dig out the email address of my local MP I think.... :x

Roger Thorne

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This was a very interesting, but worrying article and it really makes you wonder what the future holds.

Many thanks to Howard Snell for bringing it to our attention.

PS: Don't forget to lobby your local MP.


Time for a minor brass band revolt-lobby your MP by all means, I'm sure it'll make a huge difference in New Britain :shock:

Otherwise, just ignore it- a bit of civil disobedience would do people good and eventually raise the profile of banding.

Can't you just imagine Paxman grilling some little dweeb on Newsnight over the prosecution of 'Scrungethorpe' Brass's MD for doing a concert at the old folks home? :twisted:


It seems to me that the Government are taxing just about everything they can think of - it's getting ridiculous!

Has anyone got any idea how much the cost to Brass Bands is likely to be?
Will it be an annual fee or a pay per concert charge?

I can't really see that the 'ignore it and it will go away' suggestion is going to work. If it's law, it's law and we'll have to abide by it or face the consequences.

I think we need to act now, before it's too late and they've got away with implementing yet another stupid tax.


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I have just read some of the proposed legislation and there are a few ways of getting round it. One that appeals to me is the vehicles in motion exception i.e.
The provision of any entertainment or entertainment facilities—
(a) on premises consisting of or forming part of a vehicle, and
(b) at a time when the vehicle is not permanently or temporarily parked,
is not to be regarded as the provision of regulated entertainment for the
purposes of this Act.

So there you are, all future concerts should be on the back of a lorry. If indoors all members of the band to provide their own skate board or unicycle. I think the audience is gonna luv it.

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