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Our band is setting up a Junior Band soon and my daughter is interested in learning to play. Although we have a spare cornet and I'm willing to teach her the basics, I'm mum and therefore she won't listen to me. Does anyone know how I can find a teacher in the Telford area? I rang the LEA but unless there are 4 children all interested in learning the same instrument, they won't do it and I would have to pay £72 per term for that. I don't mind paying but no-one else at her school is interested. She's 9 at the mo and this seems a great shame, as Ladygrove school do have music lessons but she attends Langley and the Head isn't helpful either. There are also no spaces at Ladygrove for her or I would move them all to that school as it is better than the one they attend. Any suggestions please?

Di B

Can't one of the other members of your band teach her if you are setting up a junior band anyway?

Alternatively, why not ask around saome local bands to yourself to see if anyone has done any teaching at all? You mention Langley already.......

Hope this helps!


Langley is the name of her junior school, unfortunately. They don't think they can offer lessons at the moment for junior band so am still waiting for offers. She's not a bad kid although when I had all four of them at Pontins with me I think they may have put some people off the idea of teaching them. :cry: Never mind some nice, kind soul will do it for me I suppose.

Dave Euph

There are a few very strong cornet players at the Abraham Derby School. One I know is coming to Huddersfield next year and as far as I'm concerned most of them do a little teaching anyway.

I don't know how to get in touch with any of them I'm afraid but maybe you could go to an Abraham Derby Band concert and ask them there? :?

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