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A few guys now use an IPAD or an Android tablet for displaying their sheet music instead of using paper music. I want to follow their example but not until I can display two pages at full size at a reasonable price. A fourteen inch screen is required for displaying one page at full size but it is hard to find tablet that large. Internet searches can be frustrating because a ten inch tablet is considered to be large. Guido and several others market dual screens hinged together like a book but they cost at least $1600 U.S. dollars. The Samsung 18.4 inch Android tablet can display two less-than-life-size pages but it is not available here in Australia. I did buy one through E-Bay but it was dead and I returned it. Then a second one arrive but the screen was smashed so I will not try importing one from the states again. I hope to see (1) Fourteen inch IPAD or Android tablets; (2) An App for pairing two IPAD or Android tablets; (3) a folder for holding two fourteen inch tablets in portrait aspect like pages of a book.

Using a single page display the user has the option of displaying two half-pages to facilitate page turns but I don't want to do that. A two-page display eliminates bad page turns. The user can display pages 1-2, then 3-2, then 3-4 (using a page-turn pedal) and always see what is coming on the following page.

"What if the battery runs out during a performance?" This has never happened to those who use display tablets in my two brass bands and one swing band.

"What about copyright infringement?" A lot of brass band music is out of copyright. Copyright rules must be adapted to recognize the reality of electronic displays while protecting copyright holders. Otherwise we will all become criminals.

John Brooks

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I recently attended a Euphonium recital by Aaron VanderWeele in Waterloo, Ontario and his accompanist (who was superb) used an e-reader with a page turn pedal. It was all very impressive (it was half way through the recital before I realized what was happening).

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