Music display device

Perhaps some forum members can recommend a musical display device that can show two pages at close to life size. My old eyes are not as good as hey were and they will probably get worse so tiny little ten inch screens are no good for me. I know that there are Micky Mouse methods of jumping from page to page for Dal segno, Dal capo and to coda but I don't want that complexity and I don't want impossible page turnovers.

I am aware of the PadMu dual screen E-Ink reader from Italy and the Gvido dual screen E-Ink reader from Japan. They are both quite expensive. I need information about the ease of migrating from PDF files with bookmarks for instrumental parts (e.g. "Trumpet 2" and I need information about the ease of selecting a particular title and then isolating a particular instrumental part.

I am aware of the Samsung 18.4 inch Android tablet that can display two slightly reduced pages. I bought one through EBAY but it arrived broken and I returned it. However I was able to satisfy myself that it rested safely on a stout music stand, even with the carrying handle poking out at the rear.

I have read of people using two large Android or IPAD tablets and slaving one off the other so that two pages are displayed. Unfortunately none of the Brisbane Australia stores carry the 14 inch tablets that would be needed for a life-size display.

Whereas a keyboard player can use a large extension screen cabled to a laptop computer, I need something that will rest on a sturdy music stand for my wind instrument.

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