Is anyone else using Musescore? Its a freeware with paid upgrade option which does much the same as Sibelius. I have used it for 5 years or so. The Brass Band tempate was included in version 1, dropped for 2 and 3 but still functions, (You can clone it from my postings at present, I have put a few of my simple arrangements which we used in the 2019 season on Musescore and will do a few more as I check them through but have only used the free one months subscription to let me put them on YouTube Via Musecore. DavidCBRoad is my user name and Old Comrades, Themes fromthe Skaters Waltz and In an English Country Garden are the latest. Country Gardens was made famous but not composed by Percy Grainger. I did it as the published arrangements were not compatible with singing it, then realised Rolf Harris sang it so that idea went out of the window and its now hacked Anyway I like it. Musescore is well worth a look for arranging etc

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I use musescore and prefer it in many ways to Sibelius. My copy of Musescore has a BB template on it, and I know MS3 also has it (as my son has it on his laptop)


I'm finding musescore 3 apalling for stability, so have reverted to v2. In many ways I think v1 was better but IIRC there were quite a few things it didnt do.