MSN without guilt

Hey Everybody

I have started this topic for people to add MSNMessenger names to, because I know there is a little MSN sign under peoples screennames but I don't want to add somebodies name if they don't want me, or other people to.

I am
feel free to add me if you wish, just please send a message saying who you are please.



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I'm guessing that most people are like myself, and have it in their profile so that people CAN add them... :wink:

Kirsty :D


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i would add mine, but my MSN's busted (excuse the pun.. wrong thread)
but i'm sure a PM would suffice seing as I boc around on here enough! :)


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(corny i know but my mum came up with it and its stuck since coz i couldnt come up with anything better)
feel free to add me thats partly why i put it on my profile so people could add me if they wanted too, just let me know who your username when uve added me or woteva!
trombelle said:

feel free but pls no nutters! jus let me know who u r!

That probably rules out 90% of banders then :roll:

Anyone is welcome to add me onto their contacts :D


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you can add me if you want but i get to use it about once a month at most these days since I have to use it at home (work don't like it...)

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