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hey guys... I'm soon to be moving to Uni in september going to Central Lancashire in Preston. I play the tenor horn, flugal horn, Bb and Eb cornet... looking for first section band on horn (preferably solo or 1st, not really bothered though) or a championship band playing anything (I don't mind, bottom third would do for me, honestly)... I play with loads a different bands at the moment but looking for a challange as I move to uni...

hope to hear from some people soon!!!!!! :D


Hi Martin,

I'm solo horn at Freckleton Band.

We are a Championship band based about 3-5 miles from the centre of Preston, and if you fancied coming down for a blow you would be more than welcome.

We have a place going on 2nd Horn at moment, if you require any more information our just fancy a chat about what we can offer, contact me through either freck's site or this site.
I saw the website the other day when someone pointed it out to me I was going to get in touch with your chairman seeming as his e:mail is on there... aint it? something like that any way... what nights do you guys do , sort of music you play, contests/tours you do and does anyone actually live in Preston to give us a lift? lol... but firstly, I aint moving there till september cause I'm going to uclan and wanted to stay banding and well getting drunk... hope to here soon.


Is that Martin who went to Dax with Forresters? If so, this is Vicki, if not, then I've just made a fool of myself!


The Email you have for for the chairman is correct.

The we nights we do are Mondays & Thursdays, We play alsorts of music including test pieces, marches, big bandy stuff, overtures (sic) etc, you know the usual standard banding stuff!!!

We do a few big'ish contests like Scottish Open and Yeovil, and of course the very tough North west area!!

There are loads of people coming from preston who could sort lifts out.

Also the biggest and best thing is, the band room is next door to a pub!!!!

If you want any more info, give me or the chairman a shout. cheers.
yes Vikki this is martin who went to dax, were you that ratted you can't remember... he he... thanks, 'Trog's' I'll get in touch with him. Can't wait to get there and play in a champ band, look forward to it... that is unless you fill the position before I get there and then I will cry... meh... oh, does the band have a spare horn as the one I play on is the bands and unless I find a very cunning way to get it past the instrument keeper I wont have one when I go to uni... which could serve as a problem I guess... who do you play for now then vikki? bit of a bad result for enderby this blackpool don't you think... all down to the draw, unlucky playing 1st but I guess it always is... keep in touch x


Hey Martin. Was a poor result for Enderby, although they do have quite a young band at the moment. I'm playing for United Co-op Yorkshire on Solo cornet at the moment. should be cool coz we're going to Edinburgh in august and New Zeland and Singapore in March. It's going to be class! he he! Hope you get on ok when you join a new band. ur a fab player, you will be fine. When do you get ur exam results? how did they all go?
still doing my exams at the moment babez... results in aug... just come back from the french national championships and we won!!!!!!!!!! my solo went great in the concert, apart from the band played like parp through it... I'll let them off seeming as the had only had one rehearsal of it... never mind... the audience loved us and I had to compare in french (scary) but all went well... got way too drunk on sat night at the cocktail bar... our bass players were ratted... Georgie could hardly walk bless her but we all had a good time... what section is the band you play for? is it all going well, hope everything is going ok...

xxx :twisted:


France hey! nice one, well done! What did you play? oh, and why the change to horn?
Sounds like you all had a great time!

My band will be in the championship section as of janurary, but I'm not sure how long we will stay there for, especially with me playing front row. I really am a pile of the smelly stuff at the moment. I don't do music anymore at Uni, so I rarely have enough time to practice these days.

What are you hoping to study in Preston?

All my love,
I'm going to study musical theatre, sounds like a fab course... just came back off our tour of Holland where I said my final good bye to the band and commitee, I'm that sad that I cried, but I don't care I'm going to miss them so much, we're doing a xmas cd soon which I'm playing sop at... we're doing a mixed one with foresters and the dectet... sop and solo horn, oh what fun... ONLY 24 DAYS UNTIL I GO TO UNI!!!!!!!! and I join a new band, I should really get back in touch with freckleton, hope that horn chair hasn't gone else I'll cry... :cry: :cry: :cry: when do you go back to uni vikki? Keep in touch



I am not sure if the seat at Freck has gone yet but if it has try poutlon-le-fylde band they are 1st Section and been looking for a solo horn player since I left last year.

Poulton are as based just outside Blackpool but I know one of the cornet players drives from preston so you should have an instant lift.

I have played for both bands over the years and although they are both now in the 1st Section Freckleton are a better band but you may get bored playing 2nd Horn.

Poultons website is (its not very good but should have contact details) otherwise just PM me

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