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Hi, I have been asked to play Sop. by our band, which in it's self is going to be a bit traumatic; don't you have to be a little different! to play it?. First efforts seem ok but range is giving me the worst trouble. The instrument loaned me by a friend didn't have a mouthpiece so am using my old 'KosyKup' from when I was a lad, for now. I know nothing beats practice but I am sure things would be much better with a better mouthpiece.
I have looked at various adverts for them but I am not sure what to look for and find the abbreviations a little confusing. Can anyone tell me where I can get info. understanding the abbreviations or advise from personal experience what I should look for. As I've already said, I know it comes down to practice, but as a pensioner I note too the price of them and don't want to waste my money buying too many wrong ones.


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I am also a newcomer to sop having come up from 2nd cornet, I agree you have to be a bit nuts even to attempt the little beast.

I am using a 7c. I started out with the Schilke 14A4X as that was the mouthpiece supplied with the band instrument (a Yamaha) but I couldn't get on with it at all. It felt like I was blowing down an old pipe and I really struggled with tuning. The range is coming gradually. Bach clone mouthpieces can be got on ebay for around £14 (made by GEWA) so it wouldn't cost you too much to get one and try.


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Be very careful. There is a tendency for people to use very shallow mouthpieces on soprano cornet. This can lead to a very limited range of notes being in tune without having to be lipped. People who say otherwise usually don't realise they are making those adjustments. This can lead to the instrument not speaking easily on all those quiet entries. Find a mouthpiece that speaks easily and gives you the sound you want. The range will generally sort itself out. if it doesn't you can think again about the mouthpiece.


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Thanks for your comments and advice. I have looked at the V Bach catalogue ( on line) and thought I would like to look at the 7E or 7EW but wondered if there is a comparison to them in the GEWA line or similar? because of cost. That was until I read your comments Gordon about cup design and sound.

Yes I want the best sound I can get. But at my stage in life ( I started banding in 1952) do I really need to go for the sound at any £cost, does it matter if I can only get those top Gs I can play them down an octave !. It is just that going on the Sop. has really given me a buzz to play that I have not had for a long time. I could have just gone on blowing Trom or Euph. but now I look forward to band practice and the challenge.

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