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John Ridgeon

John Ridgeon is the author of several books relating to brass techniques.

Ridgeon, John, Brass for beginners London ; New York :
Boosey & Hawkes, c1976. vi, 54 p. : ill. ; 28 cm

Ridgeon, John, Brass for beginners : treble clef piston-valved brass instruments 2d ed. London : New York ; Boosey & Hawkes, c1977. vi, 54 p. : ill. ; 28 cm

Ridgeon, John - The Physiology of Brass Playing - Brass Wind Educational Supplies and Co., 1986

As for a John Ridgeon Mouthpiece? I've never heard of one, but the above literature may help you in your quest.


I haven't come across a John Ridgeon mouthpiece since the early 80's. I understood that they are no longer doubt I'll be corrected if I'm wrong.


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What is the best mouthpiece for Eb tuba?

I am thinking of buying a Bach 24...(I currently play on a Besson Sovereign, and I have used a Conn Helleberg mouthpiece for the last few years)

Come on guys, share your opinions.


I play an Eb Sovereign and until recently been using a Dennis Wick 3L, but I've just changed to a Vincent Bach 24AW and I'm finding this much more comfortable to use.
I wish I'd tried one earlier.
In the end you use whatever you find most comfortable and gives the desired results.
I actually have a John Ridgeon Tuba Mouthpiece as well and it's very similar to a Dennis Wicks.
These aren't made any more but there are a few 2nd hand ones around.


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Nah ... he's sensibly participating in a sensible discussion, unlike other's i can think of :roll:


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Everyone.... please STOP this needless bickering..... it's not good. I don't want to have to start locking threads, that's not what I want to do on tMP.... chill yeah!


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just something I heard about with regard to bass mouthpieces, maybe some of the trom players can help, you can actually use Eb bass mouthpieces in bass troms, has anyone ever come accross this actually being used? what do people think about the practice? I tried once but it was painfull!


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I spoke once to an American chap called Henry Howey ( who used to play Euph for the US Army band. He said that he'd been obliged to play on a small Tuba mouthpiece to match the immense ffs of the Trumpets. Sounds like they needed another few Euphoniums... Or a few less Trumpets... Or a quiet word in the Trumpet's ears...

Anyway, using a Tuba mpc on a Bass Trom. I have seen it done - Taff (formerly) of Swindon Pegasus band used one for the solo pedal Fs in 'Paganini Variations' at a contest a few years ago. I wouldn't at all recommend it though - it makes you sound like a Tuba, unless you really bark, in which case you sound like a 10-foot-tall duck!

In my experience, the mouthpiece is the most important part of your setup, much more than the instrument - which makes sense, as it's the first thing that your playing interacts with, and using a different instrument's mouthpiece on another instrument goes a long way towards making it sound like the other instrument. So sticking too large a mouthpiece in a Bass Trom negates the whole point of playing a Bass Trom... I'd need some serious persuading that there was any point in my playing on anything larger than the VB 1 1/4 G I normally use.

A Contrabass Trombone mouthpiece maybe has a little more point to it (it is narrower than a Tuba's but just as deep), but still mellows the tone to a point where the only options are i) inaudibility and ii) obliteration. In fact, a lot of modern Bass Trombonists have painted themselves into this corner by using mpcs that are too large for them. [crank alert] In fact I think it would be an excellent idea if we all went back to the narrow bore G basses (with appropriate mouthpieces) - then we could hear the BT without losing everybody else at the same time; it really is very satisfying to be able to 'ping' your notes through the ensemble without having to resort to fff razzissimo [/crank alert].



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big_benthomson said:
u started it!
ner ner ne ner ner

hehe :)

think i need to get a new mouthpiece actually.. lot of the plating has faded on mine.. i have had it for about 5 or 6 years though, and the plating wasn't done very well in the 1st place!!!
Does anyone know of a good place in the northwest where i can get a (preferably cheap ;)) DW-2 (horn) silver. plated with gold on the rim+insides? please don't say mcqueens.. im not letting them loose on another one!!!

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